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An application is the highest-level concept in RunLLM. An application is a collection of workloads that are related to the same functionality. For example, a retrieval-augmented chatbot that uses your company's internal wiki would be an application; it would be comprised of one (offline, scheduled) workload to index your documents into a vector DB and another (online, on-demand) workload to answer user questions. Each one of these workloads is called a task.

Creating an Application

Python SDK

You can create an application with one or more tasks from the Python SDK. Assuming you've already defined your tasks, you can simply call publish_application:

client.publish_application("Document Chat", tasks=[embed, chat])


You can create an application from the UI by navigating to the Applications page using the navigation bar. Click "Create Application" and add one or more primitives to your task. A more detailed guide is coming soon! In the meantime, please reach out if you need help!